About Me


I am Deirdre Foster, the woman behind Woodlark Beach Art.

I am someone who has been inspired by the Northumberland coast to start a new homewares business.

I live close to the coast and loved walking my dog Phil along the stunningly beautiful Alnmouth beach, picking up driftwood as I went, to throw for him to fetch. I discovered many had amazing colours, shapes and form.

woodlark beach art
Phil and me on the beach, learn all about how WoodLark Beach Art all began…a shaggy dog story! Read more here

Sadly when Phil died a few years ago I could not bring myself to go back to the beach for a long time. Without my constant companion Phil by my side I was just too sad for the coast, even despite it’s beautiful beaches and stunning estuary. A paradise, just too full of memories.

Then one day, I took my little granddaughter down there. I took a deep breath and told her we were going to collect shells but, by the time we returned to the car, our bucket was not just overflowing with the usual limpet shells, but also a handful of beautiful driftwood Phil would have adored!

I started creating wooden picture frames, giving them to friends as gifts. Before I knew it I was making bespoke pieces for clients across the county from driftwood, old fisherman’s rope and shells. I’ve always loved interiors and putting a style together, but God has led me to discover a talent I never knew I had.

Deirdre x