Would you like to commission a bespoke piece of driftwood art?

I work with great care, love and devotion to carefully capture the timeless beauty of the coast in my hand crafted tailor made commissions. Only the driftwood that has an interesting shape, great colour and is not brittle or sharp is used. It is soaked in a special soap then rinsed before being left to dry in the sun. Hundred of pieces are sized up before being stored ready to take form. These pieces along with many other coastal treasures such as rope knots, sea glass and shells are carefully pieced together, natures puzzles, brought to life before my eyes.

I like nothing more than to share ideas, inspirations and the creative process and would love to hear your thoughts. My biggest love is when I am approached to make a bespoke piece. Clients can come up with the most imaginative ideas, from wanting a stack of books on a study wall to a portrait of their King Charles Spaniels in driftwood!

Below are some of my many bespoke creations, I hope that you enjoy as much my customers and I do.

Celtic Cross 

My client contacted me to commission a bespoke large driftwood Celtic cross for their home. Relishing the challenge I began searching for the ideal pieces to help me create this stunning piece. The best time to go out collecting is during the spring high tides when driftwood is brought to shore by the violent storms battering the rugged Northumberland coastline. After much searching of the beautiful shores of Alnmouth beach I finally found the perfect driftwood to enable me to capture the Celtic Crosses distinctive monumental stature.

“The Celtic Cross stands right by the front door conservatory and is always a talking point when friends visit”

driftwood celtic cross commission

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King Charles Spaniels

I was commissioned to create a driftwood portrait of these beautiful King Charles spaniels, Zac and Jake. My biggest love is when I am approached to make a bespoke piece.

I tried to capture their unique characters and personality. The challenge was to get the correct colours and shades of their magnificent coats using only the natural shades found within the driftwood I collected.

Commission portrait

At 1.5 m by 1 m this commission was made with much care and attention to detail to give the client a beautiful piece that could sit above the sofa in a stylish contemporary room.

The brief was to bring a lot of texture and atmosphere to the head and shoulders portrait.

Dog portrait

Stack of books

Driftwood Book Stacks

 Interesting stack of book commission for a former book shop owner.

I was contacted for a commission piece by a lady with a love of books. She had owned a bookshop for many years as well as being a publisher. The brief was to create two driftwood stacks of books siting on a driftwood book shelf.

Reminiscent of books she carried the piece was carefully balanced to create a feel of books piled high, before a busy time sorting through them. An A to Z was also signed out in driftwood on each stack along with small Oxford Pocket Dictionary perched precariously on the top!

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Please note I currently only deliver to the UK.


Deirdre x