woodlark beach art

Woodlark Beach Art

Making Memories

Driftwood gathered from the rugged but beautiful Northumberland coastline, carefully hand worked to create bespoke, truly one of a kind pieces. Hearts, Wreathes, Picture Frames, Mirror Surrounds, Lamp Stands and more.

From my tiny studio filled with driftwood, rope knots, sea glass and shells I work with great care, love and devotion to carefully capture the timeless beauty of the coast in my hand crafted tailor-made commissions.

It’s all natural, nothing is dyed, bent, sawed or snapped. It is put in place where it is meant to be, to flow naturally, like the sea.

Please take the time to have a look at some of my designs, read my story and indulge your creative side.



“Across the lonely beach we flit, one little sandpiper and I;

And fast I gather bit by bit, the scattered driftwood, bleached and dry.”

~ The Sandpiper by Celia Thaxter

My designs are all lovingly handmade with driftwood gathered from the ruggedly beautiful Northumberland coastline, carefully worked to create truly bespoke pieces. I love to work with my clients to bring these personalised stylish gifts for home, beach house and garden. Please take the time to look at some of my work and let your imagination run wild…

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts! A perfect gift for all occasions, a simple decoration that can enhance any interior, bringing a touch of character and style to a room. Great to hang on a wall or rest on shelves and mantlepieces, they all have a unique charm with no two the same.

Seasonal Trees…Your own personal driftwood tree of any size can adorn your home all year round providing a great statement piece that you can decorate for the changing seasons and special occasions.

Driftwood Wreathes…A stylish and bold way to decorate your home, giving a natural and timeless look to an interior. They look great hanging in any room and work well as an artistic centrepiece for table or cabinet.

Mirror Surrounds…My beautifully crafted driftwood mirrors bring light and texture your home. Stylish, decorative and practical they form a focal point for any budding interior designer. They work well in a range of sizes, styles and give a rustic charm to any room.

Lighting…Perfect to brighten up a room with their unique sculptural quality they bring an interesting touch of character and texture to your home. My carefully crafted lamp stands and candle holders work well both as stand alone talking points or combined with other pieces to bring a synchronised theme to your interior.

Picture Frames…Bringing rustic charm and a sense of style these amazing driftwood picture frames make great gifts. Available in a range of sizes no two are the same and each piece has it’s own character, style and personality.

Clocks Surrounds…Bold, striking and timeless this art enhances a clock to make a stunning statement piece for your wall, transforming the practical into the truly beautiful.

Driftwood SignsA perfect gift these simple but stylish decorations are available in any style, font, size and shape. These signs work well in any setting. Perfect for adding your personal touch to a room. They can say any message and also work well with quotes, inspirational phrases and sayings.

Plant PotsBrighten up your home, garden, patio or conservatory with some Woodlark driftwood plant pots or planters. Bring a bit of the seaside to your home or garden easily with their beautiful coastal style.

Custom orders…I enjoy working with my clients to create hand crafted tailor made commissions. If you have an idea of your own would love to work with you, many of my best work has come this way. Please contact me and share your thoughts, I look forward to hearing from you.

Deirdre x